Why the British Are Opposed To Further UK Immigration
Posted on: 23 Mar 2017  |   Tags: UK ,

There are those in Britain who do not look kindly upon immigrants!

There is a feeling amongst certain subsets of the British population that those who are not born in Britain should not be allowed to move into the nation.

These sorts of individuals fear the immigrants taking their jobs and making use of their universal health care and other privileges, without having been born into having that right and those privileges. This is a hard situation in which potential immigrants find themselves, because most of them have no intention of abusing the system that is in place within the British nation.

Rather, these people who are seeking the chance to immigrate to Britain are hoping to work hard and make a life for themselves that they could not have in their home nation.

Why Are So Many British Not Liking Immigration?

The main reason why so many Brits are not fans of the immigration from other nations into Britain... is fear.

There is fear that these immigrants will change the way of life that these British citizens have enjoyed for their entire lives. The varying economic decline and difficulties of the world over the past few years, has contributed to this general distaste for “otherness” and this is manifested in the Brits’ distaste for immigrants.

So in general, the reason that so many British citizens are opposed to further United Kingdom immigration is a general sense of fear and entitlement that the current residents of the nation possess.

Can People Still Immigrate to the United Kingdom?

The doors to immigration have not been closed to the British isle yet.

There may be changes in the future, especially as the Brexit situation unfolds.

But for the time being, immigrants are most certainly still allowed to apply for the chance move to Britain and begin their lives anew on the British shores. It is far too simplistic to honestly believe that all  Brits hate immigrants.

However, there are several British citizens who do not look kindly upon immigration and these people are the ones to watch out for. Moving to a country that is disdainful towards the presence of immigrants can make the process of transitioning into a new country very difficult.

Therefore immigrants looking to move to Britain may want to give the nation a miss for a couple more years. Once things unfold regarding the Brexit ruling and the presidential shifts in the United States of America, the immigration outlook for Britain may become more favourable.

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