What Jobs are Available in UK?
Posted on: 08 Mar 2017  |   Tags: migrate to UK , UK Immigration , UK Visa , UK work visa ,

Let’s be honest first and foremost. You will need to be a specialist in whatever field you happen to work in to be in demand for a job in the UK. The unemployment rate has been kind of high in the last few years, but the positions available and in great demand, are usually those that require a great deal of education and/or experience. If you really want a job you will want to start thinking about a degree in engineering, a science-related field, or something equally as specific and specialized. The job market is not as flexible as other countries, but this works to the country’s benefit. They are one of the strongest countries throughout Europe because they are one of the most competitive. This tends to draw the best and brightest to the desired fields that they so badly need to fill. If you are admitted as a student the work you might find would likely be menial and something designed to get you by without taking up too much of your time. Of course, there’s always the likelihood that you can find an internship that will either pay or put you on the fast track to finding employment once you’ve graduated. Nothing is fully certain except for the fact that if you’re coming into the country and don’t have a job lined up you’d better be looking to enroll in college, otherwise you might very well get turned away. This is how discerning the UK is when it comes to letting people in. You need to have a good reason for wanting to come in, and aside from taking a vacation, “just wanting to” isn’t quite good enough. London is the place to be if you really want to find a job, as the other parts of the UK are at the moment suffering through a rather high unemployment rate that is anything but normal. The jobs simply aren’t there, and in truth, the jobs that pay well are found closer to or within the cities. When working as a student you can at least find something that will tide you over and give you a few extra dollars in case you need them. But if you’re looking for work, you’d best be finding some field where you have the needed expertise to excel. Otherwise, it might be better to stay home. For more immigration updates follow us on FacebookGoogle+ and LinkedIn.

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