What Jobs are Available in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has a need for many skilled workers, and whether they are immigrants or native citizens it makes no difference. If you have the know-how and the means to find employment in Hong Kong it will look a great deal better on your application for residency.

There are jobs in the finance sector that have to do with internal auditing skills.

These types of workers can usually pull down an annual salary that ranges from three hundred thousand to almost half a million. The demand for fund accountants is rising, as is that for finance managers. These jobs tend to pay quite a bit even at entry level.

Banking is another area where the money is quite good if you have the experience and the education to offer. Relationship managers, anti-money laundering, and support positions are all available and can all demand a high level of pay in comparison to other countries.

Data analysts can also make a hefty profit and are sorely needed.

The mobile technology market is a steadily rising business and also needs people that have the necessary skills to apply. The money for these jobs is simply too good to pass up if you have the desire and can meet the requirements.

If you’re more comfortable in the construction industry, Hong Kong is also looking for civil and structural engineers that are qualified and experienced enough to take on large jobs that need their skills.

Those engineers with rail and tunnel construction experience are especially in demand now more than ever.

Constant expansion in various sectors makes it possible to expect HR experts to always be in high demand. These individuals can make an insane amount of money compared to their counterparts in other countries.

Insurance specialists are also needed in Hong Kong, and their salaries often start out being just as phenomenal as anyones. At the assistant manager level they start out at a reasonable salary, but upon reaching an executive level their salary will tend to rise.

Insurance distribution specialists are also in high demand and are well compensated.

In the legal sector, one could possibly expect the salaries to climb to astronomical heights, and they would be right. Regulatory lawyers are in high demand, and those lawyers with experience in capital market law are even more so.

Legal secretaries are even in high demand at this time, and are paid more than many secretaries throughout the world could dream about.

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