What is the Blue Card?

What is the Blue Card
  1. Using the Blue Card
  2. How Do I Get a Blue Card?
  3. Where do you get one?

What does the blue card allow you to do and why is it so important to get one?

Where do you get one?

The decisions that must be made upon arriving in a new country are beyond the realm of most humans.

We need time to process and think about alternative options but when you move to a new nation, very seldom do you have that privilege of time. Making sure that you understand your rights as an immigrant upon arrival in your new country is the best safeguard you can have against having a very bumpy introduction to your new country.

What is the Blue Card?

Making effective use of the blue card is the best thing you can do for your newly immigrated identity.  The blue card allows you to work in the vast majority of countries within the European Union.

And having the privilege to hold down a job in a new country is the biggest blessing when it comes to moving abroad. The immigration process is overwhelming enough, in and of itself. Therefore, securing your rights to work as soon as you can, upon arriving in the European Union, or getting the blue card privilege before leaving your birth nation comes highly recommended.

Working provides a lifeline for new immigrants to a country and thus a blue card is imperative for new immigrants to the European Union.

Granted, getting yourself a blue card is not as simple as it might seem.

Due to the fact that the blue card provides special privileges that regular visas do not provide, there are general stipulations around who can receive a blue card and when they can receive it. Spouses of European Union citizens have first priority and generally have a very short wait time if they have any wait time at all.

The differences in who can get a blue card and when can be better understood by people well-versed in the immigration processes of the European Union.

Working with a professional to get your immigration status started, can help you to clarify a good amount of these questions and helps get you a blue card faster than might otherwise happen.

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