US President Explains Immigration plan to a Group of Republican senators

US President Donald Trump and aides on 07 May summarized to Republican senators group on immigration plan which is a merit-based that would let a high number of highly-skilled workers into the USA and less low-skilled workers, a Sr. administration official told.

The overall impact of the plan, the official said to reporters, would be to drop the legal immigrants' number admitted into the USA at about the same. We need to promote immigration. But it's made to be by the legal system, the official told.

Merit Based Immigration Program

A merit-based immigration program that deals with raises in work visas and reduces family visas. The latter applies to visas for immigrants relatives who are already in the USA.

Lindsey Graham told the further pressing obstacle is dealing with vast numbers of Central American families who are undocumented and attempting asylum in the United States. He also told he would launch a bill as soon as the following week that could tighten asylum conditions and possibly prolong the amount of detention time that young immigrants would spend.

Legislators told none of the Republican proposals to do anything to defend from deportation for higher than 1 million undocumented newcomers brought into the USA years ago as children and mentioned to as "Dreamers."

Administration executives said they were evaluating the visa systems practiced by Japan, Canada, Australia, and Singapore as potential models for the Trump effort.

The plan includes suggestions for improving ports of entry along the U.S. border to assure secure trade while stopping illegal activity such as smuggling of drugs, the official told.

The Republican plans are assumed to be met with intense opposition from immigration advocacy groups and Democrats in Congress.

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