Things to know before Going to Hongkong
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There are so many different pieces of etiquette that seem important in Hong Kong that I thought I would add in a few more hints and tips. After all, if you’re planning to visit Hong Kong or even moving to the city you’ll need to know what it’s like to walk the streets and get the full experience. So here are a few more hints at what to expect.

1) Don’t just take the MTR or a taxi.

You can often get where you’re going a lot faster if you take a local bus than if you take the MTR. They are also much cheaper than taking a taxi.

2) Do utilize the ferries.

This is a good way to view the absolutely mesmerizing scenery and provide a very memorable experience for an inexpensive price.

3) Do be aware of the traffic.

The nicest way to say this is that drivers in Hong Kong are used to getting where they want to go at breakneck speeds. The less nice way to say it is that they don’t often stop for pedestrians and will keep going. It is not uncommon to have a near miss, and Americans seem to be the ones that almost always suffer such circumstances as they are not accustomed to how Hong Kong drivers seem to drive on the wrong side of the road. ,

If you really want to be safe, stand away from the road and always look both ways before attempting to cross.

This is something that school children are taught in nearly every country, yet some people still feel the need to look one way and then go. Be particularly aware of the buses as they will come dangerously close to the curb thanks to their wide construction and the driver’s insistent need to keep to a schedule.

4) Don’t light up on public transportation.

There is a stiff fine that comes with lighting up on any public transport. It amounts to about $800 American dollars, which is a pretty steep price to pay. Do yourself a favor and wait to get your nicotine fix, it will be a lot friendlier on your wallet.

5) Don’t bother with shopping areas on weekends and holidays.

Take your time during the weekdays to shop and enjoy the experience, but on weekends do yourself a favor and stay home. This is when the mainlanders tend to visit the city and the mob can be quite hard to navigate if you’re still new to the area. ,

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