The Process of Visiting France with the Business Visa

Current international enterprises and growing businesses today require higher production rates and efficient performance for them to cope with the competitive nature of the business world. One of the methods used to achieve this is by business sending employees to foreign countries with the aim of gathering information that would boost their company’s production. They could also travel to look for potential clients or meet with other established enterprises to sign deals that would make them partners in the production of the agreed merchandise or service provision. In France, they have available visas for individuals who wish to enter the country with the purpose of engaging in business activities.

Technology has simplified the process of application for this visa. An interested party only needs to go online and fill an application form completely and most importantly with sincerity. An applicant also has the alternative of filing the form electronically and print a completed form to have a hard-copy. Two recent passport photographs that capture your face and taken at a light background must be attached to the application form. One also requires having his or her own passport as well as copies of previous visas. To be eligible for the acquisition of this particular visa, the duplicates of the previous visas must be valid for a minimum of three months from the time applicants returned back to their home country. Another requirement is that applicants should have passports that have two or more pages that are blank for them to be permitted to enter France.

Business visa applicants must produce copies of their return ticket reservations. However, the French consulates recommend against purchasing the traveling tickets before they are allowed to visit France due to the “no refunds” policy at airports unless the consulates deem their application request as a special case that would require the applicants to purchase the ticket during the application process.

As far as the financial requirement is concerned, applicants should have a travel visa insurance confirmation that should not be below 30,000 € to would cover them while in France as well as the entire area of Schengen. The French consulate would also require applicants to produce a cover letter that clearly states the purpose of visiting France and itinerary.  If business visa applicants do not possess a flight ticket, they should request for a flight ticket reservation to France since applicants would be required to produce one in such cases. The final documents that should be available during the application process are proof of accommodation, proof of civil status and proof of sufficient finance that should be enough for the entire stay.

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