The Process and Requirements of Migrating to Denmark using the Appropriate Visa

Currently, Denmark is slowly heading to experience and suffer the plague of poverty despite being a nation of great potential. Even though this being the case, it has opened applications for visas once it realized that it needed skilled labor to eradicate the plague that is creeping into its borders. Migrants from India currently take up 0.04% of the total population of Denmark. Most of them work in that country as computer technicians and engineers where Denmark has substantially benefited from their input to the economy. Therefore, Denmark has simplified the process of acquisition of visa from India by breaking it into three easy steps.

One begins with recognizing the type of visa that he or she wants. This could range from family visa, business visa, students visa, skilled labor visa, tourist visa etc. Different people have different reasons for traveling thus the Denmark consulates have strongly emphasized on applicants to first research on all the types of visas being offered by the Denmark government to find the particular visa that suits their reason for traveling to Denmark. Once an applicant from India has decided on the visa he or she wishes to acquire, they go to the Embassy of Denmark at New Delhi to begin the application process whereby they will be provided with application forms relevant to their purpose of visit and guided by agents in the consulate. These forms will then be submitted to an interview session with an official at the embassy.

The second step mostly entails details of how to apply for the visa and the essential requirements as regulated by the Denmark consulate. Some of the important requirements are that applicants must be a holder of an original passport for at least ten years whereby the passport has a minimum of three months validity since the holder arrived back in India. Other regulations that applicants need to keep in mind are that applications are accepted within a period of three months from the time one requested for a visa and possessing relevant documents that will be needed by the Denmark consulate like recent photographs, birth certificates, and other supporting documents.

The final stage is about what happens after an applicant has submitted an application form. Indian citizens who have reached this stage are summoned once again at the Embassy of Denmark for final assessments where the ability of an applicant to support himself or herself financially is investigated as well as the knowledge of the required languages to live in Denmark.

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