The Blue Card for EU Immigration

The Blue Card for EU Immigration
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  2. Can I Work in the European Union as an Immigrant?
  3. How Do I Get a Blue Card?

So you have heard all the hype and excitement surrounding the many countries that are included in the European Union and you think that might be a good place to start a new life for yourself and your family.

You certainly would not be wrong. Even with all of the discussion and worries surrounding the recent Brexit vote, the existence of the European Union is still far from disintegrating. And that means that as an immigrant to this nation you have a significant opportunity to get a large array of career options and employment possibilities.

This same goal of building a new life with better opportunities is precisely why so many immigrants select the European Union as their country of choice for immigration.

Working in the European Union is easy if you can secure yourself what is called a Blue Card.

This card provides essentially the same benefits as the Green Card in the United States of America. Which is to say, that this EU Blue card extends to you work rights throughout the entirety of the European Union.

With the blue card, non-European Union citizens can work throughout a vast number of the countries that are part of the European Union. Of note is the fact that the Blue card does not allow non-European Union citizens to work in Denmark, Ireland or the United Kingdom.

But other than that, the European Union is your oyster when you are able to secure yourself a blue card!

How Do I Get a Blue Card?

Applying for a blue card can be difficult depending on the reasons for which you are entering the country.

Working with a professional immigration agent can improve your chance of completing the proper paperwork and of applying for a blue card when you are actually able to do so. Some immigrants to the European Union may not be allowed to apply for a blue card upon entering the country while others will receive the blue card immediately upon entering the country. The differences will depend on your own circumstances, so make sure that you know the abilities you will have to secure for a blue card, before entering the country.

These abilities can be ascertained by carefully reading all legislation around your visa and speaking to professionals who know the working laws of the European Union well.

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