• The Right to Keep What You Earn in USA
    Posted on : 03 Mar 2017  |  Category: Immigrartion , US , US Immigration ,
    A person could go on and on about what a great nation the USA is and how many opportunities it presents, but they still wouldn’t cover the whole of it. While it’s very true that the nation was founded by immigrants and continues to flourish thanks to their inclusion of many different cultures, races, and religions, it is also necessary to mention that the nation does so because it accepts so many different peo....Read More
  • Why Should I Move to America?
    Posted on : 16 Mar 2017  |  Category: Immigration , US ,
    The United States has a vast array of places to live and work at. Furthermore, Americans love to eat and the food that they cook is exquisite. The people are friendly and they love embracing new cultures, since most Americans came from other parts of the world to begin with. The lifestyle that will be manifested in the United States will require a significant focus on working and less time delivered to vacation an....Read More
  • How can H1B Visa New Rules Help you Perform Better
    Posted on : 27 May 2017  |  Category: US , Work Visa ,
    The VUCA -Volatile Uncertain Ambiguous Action has started to cast its spell but this time it is for expatriates staying in the US. The Visa fees are supposed to be increased by 50% as per the US immigration policies which would certainly put pressure on Indian IT to send their expats from India to US. Indian Companies like Infosys, CTS, and TCS who are the three big competitors in this arena have to pay 40-50% ext....Read More
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