Success Rates of the Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany is well known to be one of the most highly developed countries in the world as far as the economic status of a country is concerned. It has a huge number of markets thereby translating to a high number of employment rates to specialized professionals around the world. This has made many people desire to seek entry into Germany with the urge of looking for employment in one of the many companies in Germany in accordance with their specialized fields of study and work experience. Germany being a land of opportunities mainly invests highly on the fields of IT, scientific research and engineering thereby attracting most of the people who were unfortunate to find opportunities in their home countries that would relate to their field of profession.

These group of people would wish to enter Germany with the aim to seek employment must qualify through criteria of requirements for them to be eligible to be permitted to visit Germany with this specific purpose. Fast and foremost, applicants must have completed their graduation for them to start their application processes. In addition to this, the degrees that they hold must be equivalent to the degrees offered in German universities.

Another important requirement for an individual to apply for this type of visa is that applicants must be able to prove that they can support themselves financially for a minimum period of six months when they are granted access into Germany. This is done by giving documents and bank statements that show the individuals capability to sponsor themselves in all essential needs during their stay in Germany.

However, there is a limitation to this type of visa to applicants which is that the country would not allow anyone who is the holder of this visa to establish his or her own enterprise during their stay in the country. This means that they are only permitted to seek employment from companies that are administered by German citizens only.

When viewing the success rates of applicants gaining entry into Germany with the Job Seeker Visa, it is relatively higher than most developed countries as Germany is known to have the lowest unemployment rates. Therefore, most qualified professionals who have specialized in fields that are conversant with the German system of employment and are living in home countries that are still developing and have high unemployment rates turn their attention to seek jobs in Germany as they take advantage of the fact that Germany has an acute shortage of skilled and semi-skilled manpower.

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