Study Visa in Canada Becomes Easy for Students to pursue Higher Education

Every year Canada accepts at least two lacs applications for enrollment to reputed Universities to make wonderful careers. To generate a study visa for traveling to Canada, it is required to take approval for a particular tenure of the course. In certain cases you do not need study Visa in Canada which are:

  1. The program for which you have enrolled is not more than a period of 6 months.
  2. In case any person from the family is already residing in Canada
  3. If the student is from the staff representative of foreign authority in Canada
  4. If the student is part of military forces

Eligibility Criteria for Study Visa for Canada

The student application should be approved from any college/university, school or any preferred educational institute

  • The applicant should display financial stability for paying fees for its curriculum, reside in Canada for the stipulated time and liable to pay transportation charges.
  • There should be no criminal record of the applicant availing Canada Student Visa
  • The candidate should prove its medical fitness.
  • A Canada immigration officer is appointed for monitoring your approved stay till the end.

How can Canada Study Visa help the applicant in the long term?

The visa petitioner who is studying in Canada under Student Visa have its perks and benefits which will help you attain work Permit in Canada

A student can work in Canada under certain if Work Permit falls under various categories:

  • Work Permit is given to the applicant through the University/Institute.
  • The applicant is enrolled in an approved university which is Off-Campus or working 20 hrs/week along with college’s regular sessions
  • Specialized programs to get internship with a work permit

An added advantage is that the family members/spouses can work with with the work Permit issued in the tenure of the Study Visa given to the applicant. The maximum period for which the Canada study Visa can be issued is 3yrs under any PG- Post-graduation program which is lengthy regarding the stay for the applicant.

The Canada Study Visa is often called as Study Permit require certain valid documents which are a passport, Letter of acceptance, i.e., a kind of NOC, financial evidence, test marks, Work experience certificate, medical fitness report, any scholarship availed.

The applicant should make a not of the Provincial Program it is entering to adhere to the guidelines followed for the study Visa in Canada with a clear status of the application being put to the Institute

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