Skilled Migrant Visa for New Zealand

  1. New Zealand Visa for a five-year work permit
  2. Current market needs skilled immigrant to fill in the gap
  3. Applying for the New Zealand visa

The New Zealand Immigration has been talked about since the country was found to be the best place for doing business and other investments. New Zealand visa process for skilled professionals can be issued with few very basic steps.If you have the desired expertise and requisite talent along with skills.

There are multiple opportunities waiting for you to grab to be able to nurture your talent. The skilled migrant Visa for New Zealand is a point based system which evaluates your application on certain parameters which are language proficiency, Age, work experience profile, educational background. The New Zealand Immigration policies have been designed to suit the candidates work area and knowledge to be able to work with full endurance.

What are Skills required by the Applicant?

Do a complete Self-assessment for your own profile to understand where your position in the test.

Submission of an expression for Interest for your desired area of work

The candidates who have scored at least 160 points in the assigned test will be given an ITA for New Zealand immigration.

A candidate should have valid resident application for any city of new Zealand where he plans to reside AND increase its incumbent workforce.

The requirements are based on the current market needs and skilled immigrant needs to fill in the gap between the two and work in the set directives laid by New Zealand Immigration policies and the board.

It is a simple step by step process which can be done through an online interface or off-line. There is Skilled Migration assessment for these aspirants to be able to have a temporary work Permit and later apply for a PR in the country.

The occupation that earns the applicant around $55,000 are eligible to stay with the new Zealand Visa for a five-year work permit, a period of 3 yr extension is given to the candidate in case the requirement in any project exist further

A candidate with 55 yrs of age and above is not considered for any application process. The health, language and moral code of conduct should be in accordance with all certificates being produced while applying for the New Zealand visa process.

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