Overseas born Employees Account for Increasing Share of US Workforce
Posted on: 21 May 2016  |   Tags: US Green Card , US Immigration ,

The share of overseas born employees in the US workforce has increased again previous year. According to the latest statistics from the labor department, the workforce previous year had about 26.3 million overseas born individuals a previous year. That makes around 17% of entire US workforce, the highest level of records.

The share of overseas born employees was about 11% in the year 1996 and it raised to 16% in the year 2007. Steady economic development appears to be attracting individuals to the US at a fast pace.

The report from labor department do not distinguish between employees in the US lawfully or illegitimately and had not track nation of origin.

One current research has found that immigrants started over a half of the present crop of the US-based startups which is valued at $1 billion or more than that.

Few research had shown that low-skilled immigration depressed the income of dropouts of high school but over proofs had pointed out towards a more gentle effect.

In a separate research done previous year, it was found that the illegitimate number of immigrants has stayed stable for previous five years at 11.3 million after decades of faster growth.

Among employees who were tracked by the department of labor, the overseas-born was much likely to do the job than the native born. The participation rate of the labor force was 65.2% against the 62.2% for the native born.

Native born employees have increased rate of participation from ages 16 to 44 while overseas born employees have higher rate of participation at ages 45 and more.

Overseas born employees also have a slightly less rate of unemployment, at 4.9% against 5.4% for the native born.

Hispanics accounts for 48.8% of overseas born workforce in the year 2015 while Asians accounted for 24.1%.

Foreign-born employees were much likely than native-born employees to be employed in service professions, construction, natural resources, and maintenance professions and production, material and transport professions. Native born employees were likely to be employed in professional and related professions, management and sales and office professions.

The median usual weekly income of overseas born full-time income and salary employees were $681 in the year 2015 when compared with $ 837 for native-born employees.

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