The Government of Denmark passed the bill that puts into action new rules in the area of recruitment from abroad. This reform is aimed at making the process of bring in highly qualified labour to the Danish companies and universities from countries outside the EU or EEA. This makes them better equipped to face competition from foreign nations.

The reform will enable companies to make use of a fast-track scheme to quickly hire potential highly qualified professionals from outside Denmark., which gives a leverage to researchers. It also takes into consideration that talented overseas employees and graduates choose Denmark as a chosen destination to live. Hence, a new establishment card for Danish Masters and PhD degree holders has come into force and allows them to apply for residence permit in order to set themselves up in Denmark.

Under this reform, the Green card scheme is also brought into focus. Going forward, it will lay more emphasis on an applicant’s educational qualifications and the points system will be suited to meet the Demands of the labour market of Denmark. Additionally, the reform also aims to bring the overseas employees at par with the citizens by giving them equal salary structure and fair working conditions.

The reform will be effective from 1 January 2015. The residence permits will only be issue after 1 April, 2015. Also, a transitional scheme has been brought under the limelight for providing extensions to the Greencard schemes that were given out before 1 January 2015.

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