MoreVisas helps you in earning extra income through US Work Study Program

The United States is a country with rich diversity and culture. It is known as the super power of the world owing to its flourishing economy. Every year, this country witnesses immigrants who are mostly students coming to this great nation in order to study and gain knowledge. However, not everyone who comes here can afford to pay the fees and live by themselves in this expensive country. For such students, some universities offer the US Work Study program which in simple terms means, a chance to earn while you learn.

To help you gain a feeling of independence, you can avail this great opportunity while you study in the US. MoreVisas consultancy understands your need for a visa for this program and helps you process the formalities for the same in a swift and timely fashion.

Work in US

This work study program is applicable for foreign students enrolled in their Master's program in an accredited US university. It enables them to work off campus in American companies for over 40 hours per week as long as their study course continues.

Study in US

As outlined in this program, the international students can gain practical exposure related to their curriculum after working for US companies. As part of this program, a student has to undergo paid internship employment.

Eligibility requirements

• Should be enrolled in a regular full-time study program • Should be able to show that there is a need for finances • Should be able to maintain a steady progress in academics even while carrying out the work

Why opt for MoreVisas?

The MoreVisas consultancy has been in the business of visa and immigration for more than a decade’s time. The consultants at MoreVisas help their clients in getting permit approvals in a timely way as they are well equipped with the visa rule updates of all leading immigration destinations. Approach MoreVisas today!

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