Migrating to the UK using the Point Rating System as Compared to other Regions

In the year 2015, about 630,000 immigrants entered the United Kingdom to stay for a period not less than a year. This included 83,000 British citizens and over 270,000 nationals from around Europe. In the same year, 297,000 people moved out of the United Kingdom including 123,000 British citizens and 65,000 European Union citizens. In 2008, the Labour government established the first immigration system based on points which were heralded by ministers as being similar when compared to the Australia PR point’s calculator 2016. It replaced a convoluted scheme which saw the issuance of 80 different types of visa. From an analysis, the system includes an extensive list of sub-tiers of migrant and is classed as one of four ranks. The intention was to let tier 3 be a pathway for the unskilled immigrants. However, once the system became operational, the British government resolved that it was not necessary for further unskilled immigration from outside the European Union.

Currently, the ranks available are:

Level 1: composed of the high-value immigrants such as the highly skilled, those exceptionally talented, graduate entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth investors.

Level 2: mainly consists of skilled workers

Level 3: includes students in the primary, the secondary, or tertiary level of education.

Level 4: reserved for temporary migrants

Each level offers a unique points allocation based on specific characteristics. For the groups in tier 1, points are allocated to the particular persons based on the English language ability, capacity to financially support oneself as well as the age and experience previously gained. Furthermore, those who possess exceptional talents are rated at 1000 every year although only a few qualify through this route. An individual must have a particular job offer so as to be eligible for application to Tier 2 where the maximum points awarded 70. The easiest means of reaching the target is through having a job such as an engineer or biochemist. This earns you 50 points to be added on to other scores such as age and experience.

The Australia points system has undergone several modifications in the recent past with the latest taking place in July 2011. The migration program classifies visas into two broad categories: employer-sponsored and skilled worker. Those who own employee-sponsored visas are not tested on points. However, those with skilled-worker visas are points-tested, and eligibility requires one to score a minimum of 65 points. Skilled workers include manual and professional workers, while mechanics and accountants earn 60 points based on their occupation. Interior decorators and youth workers are on the lower end of the scale where they score 40 points. Resultantly, many comparisons have been made between the British system and the Australia PR point’s calculator 2016.

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