Migrate to Germany through Germany Immigration
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Migrate to Germany through Germany ImmigrationEvery year the number of people migrating to Germany is going on increasing now the current population is 82 million. It’s becoming the most popular destination for the students those who have a passion of pursuing their studies abroad and lead their life in the foreign land. It is the first country to introduce the “immigration law”. It has been recognized as the first immigration country among all the countries worldwide.

This nation is renowned for its research and modernization. Many overseas students from all over the world are migrating to this country because it contains good standard for education and firm industrial foundation and its aims for the growth of the economy and also to create constant jobs for the international workers.

In order to work in Germany, the overseas workers must go through Germany immigration process. This process is made easy with the invention of the Blue card by the European Union in order make the process of immigration easier for the migrants. Another facility is also introduced by these EU people is the residence permit in order attract a number of skilled workers.

This country made some advancements or developments in the Germany immigration process and brought in new categories in order to attract and introduce the excellent masters into the German labor market.

The process of German Immigration:

The government of Germany has introduced three immigration types for the non-EU citizens to make the process more flexible like

  • Temporary Residence permits
  • Settlements permits
  • Work permits

All these visas are applicable for the international workers only within the immigration nobility. According to the law of employment, all these are classified and listed. There are many types of visas under the immigration process based on the purpose of your migration you can choose the type of visa you need. They are Business visa, student visa, family visa, self-employment visa etc.

  • Family visa: This visa is for the highly skilled workers those have already got a visa or their family members those who adjoined them can now work in the country.
  • Student visa: This visa benefits the students who are studying in the country they can get an extension up to 6 months after completing their studies they can again extend their visa up to 90 days.

Business visa: This visa is allotted for business people like, teachers, sportsmen managing directors etc. this visa is applicable up to only 90 days within every 6 months. Any work must not be performed on the basis of the business visa it’s a very strict rule.

The new immigration rule brought much advancement and made easier for the international skilled workers to migrate into the country.

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