Ireland Visitor Visas - What you Need to Know of Short Stays in the Country!

Prior to applying for an (Ireland Visitor Visas) short visit type ‘C’ visa, to Ireland…do make sure that you familiarize yourself with the procedure that establishes the applications being considered for short-term visas.

Policy for short stay ‘C’ visas

Every individual applying for a short stay ‘C’ visa (for single or numerous entries) has to prove they have ample strong family, economic or social connections to a residence in a nation apart from Ireland. This is to be done in order to convince the visa application assessing officer, that the estimated visit to Ireland would NOT be permanent, and in conformity with the time span & permission stipulations given by immigration authorities on entry into Ireland. The longest duration of stay permitted within a short term ‘C’ visa, is 90 days.

The duty of proving connections with a nation, other than Ireland, lies with you, the applicant. The proofs have to be satisfactory to the visa officer. This officer can validate any submitted evidence, supporting your application.

No one is entitled to a visa, neither is there any one type of circumstances or documents of application, which would assure an application’s approval. Although, the supporting documents usually required for an application, are established under the ‘Guide to Supporting Documentation’ for every kind of short stay ‘C’ visa.

Assessment criteria

While assessing applications, any visa officer might consider the following matters:

  1.  Your history of immigration with relation to Ireland, the Schengen Zone, the UK and other nations;
  2. That you will most definitely leave Ireland after your visit ends;
  3. That you… or friends, or relatives in Ireland who sponsor your visit, have ample financial standing to accommodate and support you, without you having to work or gain access to public funds;
  4. That you show evidence of return or travel arrangements onward;
  5. That you will not breach the Common Travel Area by seeking to enter the UK via Ireland without a valid UK visa;
  6. Any other concern that the visa officer considers relevant.

History of Crime/Immigration abuse

In case you have a history of severe crimes or a history of serious breaches of Irish or UK immigration law…then those can, by themselves, be causes of visa refusal.

Submitting misleading/false information or documentation

If any incorrect or misleading information is submitted or the supporting documentation of your application is false, then it can result in the denial of your application with no right of appeal. Also, it might result in prevention of you making additional visa applications to Ireland, for the duration of five years.

This is the standard in many nations.


In short, you would need to show the following clearly:

  • that you shall exit Ireland before your visa/permission expires;
  • that you have adequate resources to support yourself while you are in Ireland;
  • that you are of good character and have told the truth in your application and have not left out anything important; and
  • That you are not using a visa to Ireland as a way of getting around lawful entry to the UK or the rest of the EU.
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