Investor Immigrants can Help Canada in Building its Economy

Canada has started the first investor immigration program in the whole world. Since its start, thousands of investors has visited Canada and brought many new ideas, enthusiasm, various point of views and their business knowledge to the nation.

The federal government of Canada deserves all the credit for huge transfer of wealth this investor immigration program has brought in Canada, for the latest businesses the investors had started and for the latest jobs those businesses had created.

The investor immigrants made up only 2% of the entire number of immigrants that visited Canada every year, created a huge heritage for the nation.

When the investor immigration program of Canada was started, other countries also started their own investor immigration programs and the leadership of Canada started to slip. Neither the government investor immigration program nor the Quebec’s present investor program has been able to keep up the international leadership of Canada in this area.

There is no shortage of requirement for investor fund in Canada. Relying on the net worth and amount of investment an individual plans to invest in the business of Canada. They got three alternatives like Pilot program for Immigrant Investor Venture Capital, Quebec Investor program and Manitoba Business Investor Stream. With required business and managerial skills with the proficiency in the language, anyone can apply for investor immigration program and can also migrate to Canada with their family.

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