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You should know this; every year the US government makes more than 50,000 immigrant visas that are available for the people all over the world with the help of the Diversity Immigration Visa program. Because it is handled by the US government, this kind of program is entirely reliable.

Based on the Morevisas customer reviews, most of the people have got the US permanent residency license that is Green cards by involving in US Diversity Immigration Visa Lottery. The most interesting fact regarding lottery is, it has opened to everyone.

2 criteria for the Diversity Immigration Visa program

If you would like to fulfill the criteria that are designed by the Diversity Immigrant Visa lottery council then here are the 2 criteria that you require following:-

The very first criteria are, you should be the citizen of the intended country that is displayed in the list of certified countries for the Diversity Immigration visa program. If you are not, then you can able to apply based on the parent's country, offered that must display in the list of licensed countries. In case if it does not solve this requirement, country of a spouse is taken into the account, but you must ensure that the condition remains same.

The second criteria are, the applicant should have a high school certification or the equivalent, that should define the successful completion of 12 year course of the elementary education or secondary education in the US or the applicant should have 2 years of work experience within the last 5 years in the employment, it will need at least 2 years of training.

If you would like to participate in this type of lottery program, it is essential to fill the application properly, make sure that you are filling the most updated information and all the essential documents should be attached to it. According to Morevisas customer reviews ensure that even the smallest mistake that disobeys the Green card lottery regulations and rules will result in the state of disqualification.

Information regarding Green card visa

Green card visa

You should know this, the green card visa will help you for the permanent residency in the USA, and it will also permit you to work and live anywhere in the 50 states that you have chosen. If you would like to apply for the citizenship in the USA, then you should make the application 5 years after the green card visa is allowed to you. Usually, this type of visa take 10 or more than ten days to process, but there is some way in order to reduce the duration.

Based on the Morevisas customer reviews the immigration investment means fast-tracking of application for a green card visa. If you invest some money for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that are authorized from the regional center you can acquire the green card visa within the 6 to 9 months.

If you would like to know more details about green card visa then you can through the Morevisas.

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