Immigration to Australia – A few Simple Ways!

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Immigration to Australia is much simpler than migrating to USA or UK. Australia is predominantly a Christian majority country with English as its national language. This country down under is known for high quality & standards of living, rich culture and rich natural resources. Opportunities to work in Australia are on the rise over the past few years, thanks to friendly measures taken up by the government. The Aussie government has taken several steps to attract global talent in the quest of immigration to Australia.

An individual can migrate to OZ continent as a skilled worker, refugee and as a family member. Overseas entrepreneurs with a successful business can migrate to Australia by obtaining the nomination of a State or territorial government.

Let us discuss some of the ways through which you can Immigration to Australia:

1. Work Visa: This is the most common and most desirable visa program for most foreign workers. If you are a skilled worker and if your occupation is listed in the note released by Australia’s government then you have a chance to avail a work visa. You may be required to undergo skill assessment by relevant authorities before the state or territory government invites you.

2. Family Member or Marriage Partner: A permanent resident of Australia, Citizen of Australia, and a qualified New Zealander, can sponsor you or your family to stay down under. In this category, there are several visa options available including Relative Visa Option, Partner category visa option, Child and adoption visa and Career visa.

3. Entering Real Estate Business in Australia: The Aussie government has drafted a policy that enables a foreign person to invest in Australia’s Real Estate sector. However, it is important for the foreign investor to comply with the government’s foreign investment framework. In this category, a process of obtaining visa involves rigorous procedures, as it is intended to eliminate criminals and frauds.

4. Refugee and Humanitarian program: Australia has made a significant contribution to the international community with it’s effective Humanitarian and Refugee program. A refugee can apply for asylum or protection in Australia by several ways.

5. Studying in Australia: Aspiring young talent who are looking to pursue higher education can immigrate to Australia by admitting into recognized Australian university. After graduation, you may be allowed to work in the country based on your skills and ability. Foreign students studying in Australia could receive high priority for their work visa application over foreign skilled workers.

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