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Canada is a thriving nation in the world that offers superior living standards and excellent work options to its citizens.  Every year it attracts thousands of individuals with its diverse culture, stable economy, natural resources, and good health care system. Immigrants who aspire to gain the country’s boundless opportunities and good quality of life can apply for Canadian permanent residency.

Applying for the Canada federal skilled worker program is time-consuming. One has to be updated with the immigration norms and rules to apply for federal skilled worker Canada program.

To make your immigration process simple and hassle-free, approach the leading MoreVisas Immigration consultants of Hyderabad today.

Individuals applying for federal skilled worker program of Canada have to meet some eligibility criteria to apply for Canadian skilled worker visa.

Basic eligibility criteria for Federal Skilled workers:

  • Must possess valid offer of employment
  • Must have one year full-time or part-time work experience in the domain chosen
  • Individual must be enrolled in any of the graduate or post-graduate programs of Canada
  • Must score pass marks on the selection grid
  • Must have enough funds to support yourself in the country during your stay

When you meet all the conditions that are listed above, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will approve your application for federal skilled worker program of Canada.

After looking into all your educational qualifications and job experience the immigration officer will review your application.

Why MoreVisas?

The consultants of MoreVisas offer superior immigration services to its potential clients across the globe. We have been doing exceedingly well in the immigration industry from the past decade. No matter what the visa type you choose, we will assist you through every phase of visa process in achieving your goal. Quality immigration service blended with reliability, honesty, and integrity make us stand out from other visa consultancies.

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