Hong Kong Temporary Work Visa

The most widely recognized way a Western official will work in Hong Kong is through an organization exchange.

 Complications of a Hong Kong work visa

A Hong Kong work visa is not a familiar custom. Regardless of whether you are being exchanged to Hong Kong or are working an abroad contract, the business may have to present a Hong Kong work visa application and supporting reports, including the CV of the individual being exchanged. They may likewise need to demonstrate a duplicate of the nearby occupation commercial and the CVs of the neighborhood hopefuls who were rejected for the promoted position.

Should you be exchanging to, or joining an organization that is as of now settled in Hong Kong please observe our Orientation page for help with making your Hong Kong work visa application.

Hong Kong Work Visa

At the point when allowed a visa, place the sticker in your international ID so it can be approved on passage to Hong Kong

Organizations opening an office in Hong Kong and those as of now exchanging here draw in numerous outside specialists. Henceforth, the Immigration specialists tend to practice some attentiveness in granting endorsements for a Hong Kong work visa. Numerous guests holding a remote travel permit can appreciate a without visa visit of 14 to 180 days, however guests are not permitted by law to take up work (paid or unpaid), to build up or participate in any business, or to enter school as an understudy.

All non-Hong Kong inhabitants needing to work in Hong Kong will require a Hong Kong work visa. While there are no reported qualifying criteria, while considering an application, the Immigration Department will as a rule analyze a few key regions:

More elevated amount instructive foundation: a graduate degree or more would be ideal.

  • Significant experience that is esteemed to be hard to find in Hong Kong.
  • Sensible compensation level; a guide of US$40,000 every year is viewed as sensible.
  • How useful the individual is to Hong Kong's economy, exchange and industry.
  • That a nearby or inhabitant specialist couldn't fill the position.
  • How the exile can profit the nearby workforce (e.g. preparing).

Not to work in Hong Kong without a working visa!

In the event that an individual is not allowed to work in Hong Kong (by ethicalness of being a permanent occupant, for instance), the business needs to apply for a work allow for the person. On the off chance that the business gives work without first acquiring a working visa for that individual, the business submits an offense and might be at risk to a greatest fine of HK$350,000 and three years' detainment. In the event that the specialist touches base as a Visitor (even with an application for a work visa pending) they are still a guest. In the event that they begin work, the Visitor is breaking their states of remain. Working (paid or unpaid) in Hong Kong without endorsement from the Immigration Department, where such endorsement is required may bring about the wrongdoer being obligated to a most extreme fine of $50,000 and detainment for a long time.

From the accommodation of a Hong Kong visa the application can take 6 two months to prepare. In the event that Immigration needs to make encourage request it might take longer. Those request might be about you or the supporting organization, if for instance they are recently joined or have a high extent of their workforce as supported laborers. Once your Hong Kong visa is in truth, Immigration will send you a sticker to put into your international ID which should be approved on a section to Hong Kong. It is that approval that initiates your Hong Kong visa. In the event that you are now in Hong Kong you should take a ship to Macau for the day so you can re-enter Hong Kong and approve your Hong Kong visa.

A Hong Kong work visa is regularly allowed for a time of 6-12 months. Expansions are ordinarily given in 2-year augments up to the point where the laborer has gathered seven back to back years of work. The specialist can then apply for Permanent Residency (a Permanent ID Card), which implies you no longer should be supported for a Hong Kong visa.

On the off chance that a specialist leaves the work of their support, the new boss will re-support the laborer while they are working out their notice. This as a rule takes 2-3 weeks. In the event that Immigration needs to make encourage request it might take longer.

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