Is moving to Hong Kong on your list? This is what you should know.

If you wish to work in Hong Kong this is understandable as it is a standout amongst the best economies in Asia. it might be worth considering a Hong Kong gifted immigration program. There are various alternatives visas accessible if you have the correct abilities and experience and wish to work and live in Hong Kong: The General Employment Policy (GEP) for gifted specialists with an occupation offer, and the GPT(General Points Test).

How to earn Hong Kong Immigration Points

Immigrants with a work offer in Hong Kong who have the correct mix of aptitudes, information, and experience can move to Hong Kong under the General Employment Policy (GEP) program. All you need to do is to work out how many points that you may need.

As well as an offer of work, you will likewise need to demonstrate that you have the pertinent capabilities and experience for the employment. The wage levels that you will be expecting likewise should be suitable for the occupation and will add points to your visa application.

The General Points Test is a point based immigration plan like that offered by the UK and Australia. People are evaluated against a blend of criteria including age, dialect aptitudes, scholarly capabilities, and work skills. An offer from a Hong Kong business is not required under this scheme. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is the immigration plan of Hong Kong under which you will be measured.

Immigration points Calculator for HongKong

The candidate must be between the ages of 18 to 50 years. While individuals over 50 can apply, this will not help your point levels. You ought not to have any criminal record. You ought to be familiar with English or Chinese, while Chinese Mandarin is generally normal. Hong Kong has Putonghua or Cantonese as a first language too

You will be surveyed under General Points Test for your visa. The cutoff score is 80 and the most extreme score is 195. The calculator will also consider your qualification basis.

The Advisory Committee will consider the financial needs of Hong Kong, the sectoral blend of hopefuls and think about your number of points as just a part of your application for a visa. High-scoring applications do not necessarily secure their share of spaces. Candidates may view their applications as being under handling unless they get a notice of refusal from the Immigration Department.

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