France is a beautiful country which is located in the Western Europe. The country also stands as a leader among the EU nations. France provides many tourist attractions and the country is surrounded by the English Channel and has borders with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. The country is also a permanent member of UN and Paris which is famous for Eiffel tower is the capital of France.

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Top attractions in France:

France has worldwide attractions which attracts the tourists from different parts of the world to visit France. A Foreign traveler who wants to visit France must note down the attractions as they country provides a number of beauties. It’s hard for any foreigner to imagine a place which is more romantic than France. The country makes the tourists go oh la la! France has many spots such as historical castles, beaches, museums, and art and countryside attractions.

France is a preferred destination not only for tourism but also for work and study. Many international youngsters flock to France every year to enjoy the beauty of France and live in the beautiful country. It is always advantageous to live in France as the main language is French which is spoken in five other countries apart from France which is added advantage for language skills. The ability to speak in both French and English will raise more job opportunities in foreign countries. France has been a chosen destination for many foreign travelers every year and over 79.5 million people visit France. France never gives an opportunity to run out sights in the country. The country also gives an opportunity for the travelers to work in the country for 12 months with a working holiday visa.

France tourist visa:

International tourists who wish to visit France must obtain a France tourist visa which will allow the tourist to enter and explore the beautiful country. Applicants must meet certain requirements which are essential to submit for the visa processing.

Required documents:

• Valid passport and the copies of first and last page • Photographs • Fully filled application form • Parents need to provide their no objection letter, birth certificate if the child is below 18 • Letter stating the purpose of travel • Bank statements • Itinerary copy • Overseas health insurance • Copy of air tickets • Hotel booking confirmations

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