Find a suitable job in Germany under its Job Seeker Visa

For many people, Germany is the most favored European nation either for residing, education or for doing the job. Germany is known for its economy and it is also known as the richest and safest nation among other countries in the world.

The education system of Germany is famous across the world. Thousands of students from across the globe flock to study in Germany every year. The country is also known for its free and competitive education system.

A large number of skilled migrants also flocks to Germany in search of better life. The country also searches for such type of talented individuals who could work in Germany and contributes to the economy of Germany.

For this reason, German Immigration has been issuing visas for skilled individuals who want to live and work in Germany. One such visa is Germany Job Seeker Visa.

It gives a chance to live in Germany and search for a better job. The intention behind introducing this visa is to attract a large number of skilled immigrants. Six months of visa is issued to an individual. A work permit is granted to those individuals who find a suitable job under this visa.

Germany Job Seeker Visa Eligibility Criteria:-

  1.  Applicant must hold a Bachelor or Master Degree from a German University or overseas degrees which are equivalent to German Degrees.
  2.  Applicant must possess minimum three years of experience.
  3.  Applicant must demonstrate the proof of enough money to cover their stay in Germany.
  4.  Applicant must also acquire medical or travel insurance.
  5.  Should show proof of minimum fund of 3.5 lakhs in cash


  • Six months duration to search for a job.
  • Can apply for job visa after getting a job.
  • No offer letter is needed.
  • Huge career prospects
  • High-income jobs
  • German firms provides excellent work environment
  • German firms provides flexible working hours

Documents checklist:

  • Should possess valid passport
  • Letter mentioning the reason to apply for jobs in Germany
  • Educational certificates
  • Document for proof of enough funds
  • Health and medical insurance documents

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