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The excellence of overseas in processing US study visa:

Planning to have your overseas education in the US? Pondering on how to apply for US study visa? Well, to have the hassle-free visa processing approach MoreVisas immigration leading consultancy for assistance. To get high-quality education built with the solid foundation and extraordinary facilities, one can choose the US for overseas education. The United States is an amazing place to study and to work.

To start-up your academic career in the US or to get benefitted from wide array of study courses, one has to know how to apply for US study visa and the basic requirements that are essential to apply for it. Worried! Consult MoreVisas immigration consultancy to resolve your issues.

Basic requirements to apply for US study visa:

  • Acceptance letter from the concerned university authorities
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support themselves during stay
  • Proof of the complete course fee payments
  • Documents of Health insurance must be arranged
  • Must be able to show their return after the completion of their respective course

There are two types of student visas to move overseas, they are F1 visa and M1 visa. F1 is designed for the aspirants who wish have their academic studies in authorized schools, universities, and colleges of US and the M1 visa for aspirants who plans to engage in vocational or other recognized nonacademic institutions.

Why MoreVisas?

MoreVisas is a leading immigration consultancy that resolves clients issues related to visas in no time. The expertise team of MoreVisas will tell you the right procedure to apply for appropriate US visa and the documents that are necessary to submit during visa process. A good consultant like MoreVisas can advise you the right kind of visa that suits your requirement.

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  1. MoreVisas has guided me a lot throughout the process and they even suggested me as USA is good studies for my medical stream and helped me with the student visa for US. They are just the best.