Education and Work Opportunities in First World Countries

Education & Work Opportunities in First World Countries
  1. Immigration Opportunities in First World Countries
  2. Interested to Go in First World Countries
  3. Millions of people started migrating to these countries

First World Countries have always been looking for the workforce. One could use this opportunity to thrive in the context of wealth.

Countries such as U.S, Canada, Australia, to name a few, have numerous opportunities in terms of different programs provided by the government for foreign citizens. Such countries have a stable economy and are thus looking for people with important knowledge in different fields. They give many chances to researchers, doctors, engineers and much more to come there and do researchers and do better for them.

These countries mostly focus on the citizens of the third world and poor countries, so that they could get a free and professional education, and get employment there in their respected fields and also get their citizenship the one who deserves.

Many people have a different point of perspective in immigration. Some say that it is good because it increases the economic growth, fill up the skills shortages and can help in creating a skilled and an energetic society.

But some says that immigration has a bad impact on the society as the people belonging to other nation steals job opportunities of the residing nations. It can also create a war between the two countries too and also creates a burden on the taxpayers and is dangerous for the specific country’s culture too.

Despite these points of perspective First World countries are still allowing the foreigner to immigrate there in order to increase their workforce by providing high-quality education and expertise for living an adventurous and dreamful life.

There are around 230 million immigrants all around the globe making up to 3% of the total worldwide population.

Since the population is increasing day by day so as the immigrants, and therefore opportunities for immigration is getting low due to the strict rules introduced by the First World Countries.

In the 19th century more than millions of people started migrating to these countries which resulted in the unavailability of employment and education to the local residents and therefore their government has decided to make the rules strict in order to stop the uneducated and unskilled people entering in their countries because of the mess created by them.

Nowadays more than half of the population is moving to Europe because of the high quality of daily life facilities and the countries comprising of Europe has less strict rules as compared to Australia and US.

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