Denmark Work Permit Visa Process – Easiest way to Settle Abroad

If you have a dream of working in a foreign country, you need to obtain a work permit from the immigration service (department) of that country. In Denmark however, you can perform a certain type of work even without any work visa permit. It is perhaps the only country in Europe that allows you to work on specified professions even if you are permitted to stay for less than three months. You are therefore, not necessarily required to have any residence or work permit. Activities such as training, briefing, negotiations, participating in a course, teaching, participating in meetings are allowed with non-residence or non-work visas. However, if the point of your visit is to improve the output of a company or change its product, you are then required to obtain a residence and work permit. ,

In order to obtain a long-term work permit, you need to comply with certain rules and regulations. Denmark’s government made it easy for foreign workers to obtain a Denmark work permit visa, by categorizing few of the professions in the country. Some of them are as follows:

The positive List: It includes qualified professions, of whom there is a high shortage in the country. Candidates who meet the qualification requirements of these professions and have a job offer are most likely to get an easy access to the Danish market.

Conditions: In order to obtain a visa through the category of Positive List, your profession must be listed in the positive list. A candidate must submit any job offer or an employment contract that clearly states the amount of salary, along with conditions of the employment. In this category, the minimum educational requirement for a candidate is a bachelor’s degree.

Duration: Depending upon the job contract duration, validity of the work permit visa will be issued. In case if you have a job contract for unlimited duration, a maximum duration of the work permit visa will be four years. After the expiration of the work permit, you can apply for an extension of duration. Authorities shall extend your work permit even though your profession is not listed in the positive list, considering the fact that you are continuing in that occupation. ,

The Pay Limit Scheme: Those candidates with a pay limit of more than set standards can earn work and residence permit with ease.

The Fast-track Scheme: This is a scheme specially designed for those certified companies in Denmark for their international recruitment's. As per this scheme, an authorized company in Denmark can hire highly qualified international professionals quickly.

The Establishment Cards: In this category, a foreign national can obtain a permanent resident or work visa permit by completing a master’s degree or PhD degree in Denmark.

The aforementioned schemes are some of the easiest Denmark work permit visa processes.

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