Danish Green Card Points Based System

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Denmark green card scheme

Denmark is now one of the leading destinations for the foreign skilled workers to work and settle. Denmark encourages skilled workers from foreign countries to take part in increasing their economy.   The country is a land of opportunities for skilled workers is a great place to live. Foreign nationals who want to work in Denmark and to give a fair chance to the skilled, the country has introduced Danish Green Card scheme.

Denmark immigration from India is high and now possible with this green card program. There are number Indian workers in Denmark who are already there in the country working and settled happily. Skilled workers, who want to be in the same league, should apply for Danish green card.

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In order to migrate to Denmark under this program, the skilled workers must first check with their eligibility criteria. Denmark Green Card scheme is done through point based system. The applicants must secure minimum of 100 points to qualify. Points based system is based on education, communication skills, work experience, adaptability, and age.

  • 50 points for degree with one-year master degree
  • 60 points for two years’ master degree
  • 80 points for Ph. D
  • 15 points for work experience in the past five years
  • 30 points for language proficiency
  • 15 points each for adaptability and age


Key benefits for Denmark Green Card

  • The green card holders can renew their validity period for another 4 years
  • The green card holder will be able to apply for permanent residence after completing certain period of time
  • The card holders will be allowed to move across Schengen countries without visa
  • The family members of green card holders enjoy the same privileges

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