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Canada is a top-notch immigration destination for several reasons behind the individual’s dream to migrate to Canada. Besides offering excellent career opportunities and high standard of living, the country has geared up to welcome overseas skilled individuals and businesses with open hands. The federal skilled worker program is a skilled immigration program which was introduced by the Canadian government, with an intention to allure more individuals to migrate to Canada. Immigration to Canada under federal skilled worker is a permanent immigration, which involves several credentials, procedures, and others. Thus, assistance from overseas immigration consultants helps in making the individual’s immigration process hassle-free.

People who are residing in Delhi and interested in undergoing Canada federal skilled worker program successfully must approach Morevisas overseas immigration consultants in Delhi. The immigration consultants of Morevisas can help out in obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

Canada federal skilled worker

Federal skilled worker program is a points-based system where applicants must get at least 67 points out of 100 in the factors such as work experience, age, language, qualification, and occupation. Eligible applicants are granted with permanent residency visa and are allowed to stay and work in Canada. After getting Canada PR an individual can sponsor their family members to accompany them to Canada.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program Requirements

The below are the requirements for Federal Skilled Worker program

  • Applicant must hold a full-time experience or equivalent work experience in the past 10 years in any of the 50 occupations. or
  • Applicant should hold a valid job offer letter and others.

Why Morevisas?

Morevisas is one of the leading overseas immigration consultants in Delhi. Delhi, as a capital of India, is a hub for a number of IT companies. The professionals in these companies often migrate to foreign countries like Canada for better opportunities. Morevisas immigration consultants in Delhi assist the professionals in their immigration process to Canada.

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  1. Morevisas i heard your consultants is good service provider. Me Shin Chan from china, looking to migrate Australia or New Zealand will you help me in the process and documentation procedures?