Morevisas offer Guidance for Canada Express Entry System

Canada Express entry visaCanada is the top-notch immigration destination and every year a number of immigrants from all over the world migrate to Canada. The present Canada immigration process is an applicant-driven responsive system and a bit lengthy process. Thus, in order to speed up the visa application process and to reduce the backlog, the Canadian government has announced to launch a new immigration system called as Express Entry system on 1 January 2015.

Canada Express Entry system

The Express Entry system transforms the entire Canada immigration process to a fast, flexible and focuses on country’s labor market needs. The new immigration system manages the applications under various Canada skilled immigration program such as Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class and a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Canada Express Entry System – Morevisas by morevisas

Process of Express Entry system

  • Applicants should create an Express Entry profile
  • Applicants without a job offer must register themselves into the Canada Job bank
  • Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be placed into a pool of Express Entry
  • Applicants are given points based on the certain factors, applicants whose score maximum points will be invited to lodge the application for PR
  • Applicants who received individuation can apply for PR under any of the Canada skilled immigration programs

Canada Express Entry Benefits

  • No limit on number of applications for PR
  • Applicants can highlight their impressive credentials
  • No particular occupations list
  • Applicants have the freedom to include all the qualifications that they feel are most relevant to their application.
  • At any time applicants can apply for Canada Express Entry system

 Why Morevisas 

Morevisas is one of the top immigration consultants across the globe. The immigration consultants of Morevisas have experienced in the field of immigration from past several years and assists accordingly; though the Express Entry system is a new system our experts are having required information about its requirements and process. If you are planning to migrate to Canada under Express Entry system then approach Morevisas for better assistance.

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26 thoughts on “Morevisas offer Guidance for Canada Express Entry System

  1. MoreVisas helped me a lot with the visa processing and they also guided me with the visa documents. Their support was always through every step and I am fully satisfied with their quality of work.

  2. Please help me in immigrating to Canada via the newly launched Canada Express Entry scheme. Can Morevisas update me with the latest information so that I can migrate to Canada hassle-free?

    1. Yes! It is. A maximum of 1200 points are awarded to the applicants in order to qualify under Express Entry system. And I assume there is no minimum qualification pass points, applicants with highest points will be invited to apply for Canada immigration.

    1. Yes, it is a points based system known as Comprehensive ranking system, where a maximum of 1200 points are granted to the applicants based on their skills.

  3. I am planning to migrate to my dream maple leaf country through the newly launched express entry scheme. Can I know whether it is a points based and online system?

    1. Yes, it is purely an electronic and point based whether the valid credentials of a prospective applicant are assessed and ranked in the pool to offer a permanent residency.

  4. I am planning to immigrate to Canada through express entry program. Can anyone please let me know the immigration programs that are covered under the Express Entry system?

    1. The immigration programs that are covered under the Express Entry system are:
      • Federal Skilled Worker Program
      • Federal Skilled Trades Program
      • Canadian Experience Class

  5. I am planning to settle and work in Canada through the newly launched Express Entry scheme of the country. Can anyone please let me know about its new updates of sixth draw?