Can I move to Canada by using the Manitoba provincial nominee program?

Every country whether developed or underdeveloped needs plenty of skilled workers to have a functional economy and financial system. A Measure such as this is what the Manitoba province have initiated through the MPNP. There is two primary function this program caters for; the first is that the province can efficiently target skilled worker is suited for jobs and they can speed up the process of immigration prospective immigrants who is adept in a required field. For immigrants who are willing to move to Canada, there are 2 specific ways to go about the MPNP. The prospective immigrant sends an EOI to the Manitoba immigration office. If granted a Manitoba provincial nominee certificate, then the prospective immigrant can make a move for a Canada PR utilizing the express entry. Another way is for the prospective immigrant to create a Canadian express profile which signals interest for the MPNP. The prospective immigrant will receive an NOI (notification of interest) to submit an EOI for the program.

There are 3 specific categories to immigrate to Canada, within the program of Manitoba nominee provincial, which this article will provide full disclosure and the guiding principles that bind each of them.

The particular classes are; 1. Manitoba Invitation Stream 2. Manitoba Connection 3. Manitoba Investor

Manitoba Invitation Stream

The MPNP sends an invitation to a potential immigrant, who might be interested in moving to Canada. This invite spreads across boards, not just for people staying in Canada but people who like to immigrate to Canada. The Manitoba provincial nominee does this by traveling to other parts of the world to scout for potential immigrants who possess the needed skills to foster the Manitoba province. A prospective immigrant in this category have to meet these criteria:

• Must fall within the age range of 21-45 years • Should have minimum a secondary certificate or equivalent • Should have a settlement plan, which includes a genuine interest of becoming a Canada PR • Have a two-year working experience, within the last five years. • Such ones must be susceptible to change and employable • Have at least one connection in the province of Manitoba

Manitoba Connection

Potential immigrants with a connection in the province are in a better position to get a Canada permanent resident. These connections range from family, business, and institution.

Manitoba Connection is for applicants who have no employment but family members who will be willing to support them and take them in. These are called Manitoba Support. You must be related to a Manitoba support in the following ways before it can be considered to be legitimate such as; Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Niece or nephew, Aunt or Uncle, First cousin, Other relatives, and Close friend.

Manitoba Business

An ethical and sustainable business is an additive to a nation’s economy and financial structure. This is why the province of Manitoba is inviting business owners who genuinely want to stay in Manitoba to get a Canada permanent resident. It is essential you have an ongoing business you’re bringing, or you will buy one. There are guiding principles that potential immigrants who are bringing their business should strictly adhere.

1. An active role in the management of the business 2. A minimum of $150,000 investment must be pumped in the business 3. The potential immigrant should have a minimum net worth of $350,000 4. Their settlement plan must genuinely indicate that they plan to settle in Manitoba


With its sheer amount of flexibility it offers, the Manitoba provincial nominee program is a reasonable means of immigrating to Canada. The outlined categories generally work for a higher percentage of potential clients who are willing to stay in one of the fantastic provinces of Canada.

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