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Home office now published the changes to be implemented in tier 2, in regards to the government proposal to control the Tier 2 of points based system. In contrast, proposals received by the government to control the Tier 2 less considered by home office than some had predicted. Any number of students qualified to change into tier 2 after graduation from a university in UK will not have any obligations from resident labor market are allowed.

The importance of students who are undergoing skilled work in the United Kingdom has been realized by the home office. And also home office accepted that the minimum requirement for tier 2 is not extended from 12 to 24 months and chances of employment for tier 2 students in UK are not decreased.

The only way to control tier 2 to most is to make more skilled and expensive. Employees also affected by the shutdown of tier 2. With sort time visa and shutdown of the tier 2 skills transfer employees will get affected by April 2017. Hence this makes everyone to qualify in single visa category with at least threshold salary of 41500 and also immigration skills charge for tier 2 employees at 1000 per head per Annam from April onwards.

This Summarizes from Autumn 2016 as:

Continuing the threshold of 20,800 for newcomers and threshold for experienced workers is increased to 25,000. For short time category, the tier 2 threshold is increased to 30,000.exemption for secondary school, medical radiographers, nurses, and paramedics will close by July 2019. Increased the number of companies to 20 from 5 per year. The shutdown of tier 2 skill transfer for new applicants. And once graduates get permanent than they can change their roles.

From 2017 April:

Tier 2 threshold is increased for experienced employees to 30,000. Tier 2 short term category is shutdown for new applicants. And immigration skills charges are introduced. Decrement in salary threshold from 155,300 to 120,000 for long term ICTs. With the improvement in recommendations evaluates the allowances for tier 2.

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