Best Places to Live in Hong Kong & Cost

So now that you’ve heard a little bit about what certain salaries can be like in Hong Kong and what jobs are highest in demand, you might think that most people in Hong Kong are just filthy rich and able to afford their own luxury apartment.

If you’re shaking your head then you’re wiser to not believe it. People in Hong Kong are not paid in American dollars after all, but Hong Kong dollars.

Think about what a 900 square foot apartment space looks like. It’s a decent size for one person, perhaps even two.

A family could even live in a 900 square foot home if they had to, but it might get a little cozy.

Now imagine how much this space costs. An apartment for rent this size can come furnished or unfurnished, but the price will still be quite high. For a furnished apartment, it will cost roughly $38,000 HKD or more. For an unfurnished house, it will be around $25,000. Utilities can run well over a thousand HKD, and that doesn’t include the cost of food and any other services that might be utilized within a space.

To put that idea to rest, Hong Kong is packed very tightly with people, as they tend to utilize whatever available space they can to make room for as many people as possible. There is very little wasted space in Hong Kong, as they are about efficiency and making certain that everything gets used as much as possible.

It is a very practical way to live in an exacting and very perfectionist society, but it has worked for these people for quite some time.

In fact, many immigrants seemed pleased with the change of pace, finding that there is not a lot of time for any down time or wasted motion.  There is almost always something to do in Hong Kong even if you are a night owl.

If you figure out where to go and what to do you will likely never be bored.

Also keep in mind that if you seek to move to Hong Kong, some areas are better oriented for individuals and others are better for families.

Do your homework and find out which would be best for you, and which would be most affordable.

Keep in mind the numbers you saw earlier in the article and simply expect that a larger apartment, even unfurnished, will demand a much higher price.

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