Austria Red-White-Red Card

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austria-red-white-red-cardKnown for its picturesque towns and rich alpine meadows, Austria is a nation that has it all to attract overseas nationals. It is emerging as the ideal destination for immigrants wishing to reside and find work overseas. Austria offers enormous job and career prospects for candidates willing to improve themselves financially in this world and also contributing to its economic development.

Non-EU members need a visa to work in the country. Austria Red-White-Red card is one of the best ways to find work in this country. Austria Red-White-Red card allows you to settle down in country on permanent basis.

Austria Red-White-Red Card

Austria Red-White-Red card is designed for third-country nationals wishing to immigrate to Austria and settle there with their families.

Who is eligible for Red-White-Red Card?

The following are various categories of people who are eligible to apply for Red-White-Red Card:

  • Very highly skilled workers
  • Skilled workers in shortage occupations
  • Other self-employed key workers
  • Graduates of Austrian educational institutions

Following are the few prerequisites that need to be satisfied by applicants:-

  • Adequate funds to meet the expenses-The applicant should have enough funds to support themselves, without taking assistance from local authorities. While applying the monthly income must be equivalent to that mentioned by the General Social Insurance Act (ASVG)
  • Health insurance coverage
  • The visa seeker should furnish a proof of accommodation.

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