Australian immigration has Witnessed Record Migration

The government of Australia has declared that its migration programs for the upcoming year would stay for the consecutive fifth year at its increasing level which is around 1,90,000 places of permanent residence.

Out of the entire total, around 1,28,550 were for skilled migration that also includes General skill Migration, sponsorship of a permanent employer and business skills and around 57,400 positions for under family migration. The other places comprise of 565 people under Special eligibility stream and around 3,485 for the category of child migration. These available places for permanent residency stay exactly similar as this year’s program.

The Australia immigration program is again making many permanent residency visas available revealing that the country is continuing to invite migrants.

The economic development of Australia is standing at 3% and four of its vibrant cities has been ranked as the most liveable cities across the globe. Australia has retained its traditional position as a popular migration destination.

The Australian immigration department gets around 18,000 applications for visas each day, globally, reflecting the key demand for permanent and temporary entry in the country.

The Australia immigration program would continue to focus on country’s national interest and the long term benefits of migration.

The government of Australia is also reviewing its program of migration for making sure that its overall aim of contributing to the economic, social and demographic well-being has got.

Foreign students hold the large part of the share for migration into this country as the education system of this country is best among other countries of the world. Australia is the 3rd most favored destination for foreign students. This country is also mostly favored by overseas job seekers. Australia has also become an ideal destination for travelers who proposes family holidays.

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