MoreVisas guidance in my Australia Skilled Immigration

Hello, all! My name is Raji. I wanted to share with all of you about my wonderful experience at MoreVisas consultancy. I wanted to migrate to Australia as a skilled worker. However, due to lack of adequate information about the visa procedure, I was not able to see my dream getting fulfilled. Upon a close friend’s suggestion, I decided to give MoreVisas a chance to help me out in this dilemma.

With this in view, one day I visited the office of MoreVisas. There I poured out my quandary and told them about my situation. They all assured me that I need not worry at all as I had come to the right destination. They would take it upon themselves to see that I got my Australian skilled migrant visa on time. With this assurance, they assigned me an expert consultant who carefully explained the entire visa application process and helped in filing for the same, once I got hold of all the necessary documents.

Having done the initial step, I waited patiently for regular updates from my consultant and the day finally arrived when he gave me a call to say that my Australian skilled immigration visa had been approved. I was so happy! Finally, my dreams came true and I owe it all to the efficient and professional team and my consultant at MoreVisas.

MoreVisas has been helping its clients in the immigration process for over a decade now.  My brief interaction with them has left me spellbound. I am really thankful to all of them and would advise all of you who are looking for some help in the immigration process, to approach MoreVisas consultancy. You will never go back disappointed!

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3 thoughts on “MoreVisas guidance in my Australia Skilled Immigration

    1. The criteria are stated below:-
      • Age should be less than 50 years
      • Should be proficient in English
      • Must score minimum of 60 points
      • Should have nominated an occupation that is present on the SOL and get an assessment for it

  1. I am Aabheer…

    I got Australia skilled visa with the help of morevisas…

    Australia work visas are classified into different categories as per the requirements of the country. Australia invites people according to the skills required in the country because of shortage or new skill. If you have a skill which is required in Australia, it will be easy to get a visa. You can either get a visa and then search for a job, or after finding a job, and then apply for the visa. MoreVisas will help you in all the required aspects for your immigration process.