The Australian government has allotted more resources for the speedy processing of Australian citizenship applications.

Speedy approvals

David Coleman Immigration Minister said that more than 50,000 applications seeking citizenship were approved in the first five months of the present year. This is higher than the approvals last year which were 80,562 and the lowest after 2002-03. The present numbers can rise by 20,000 in the future. In the July – November 2018, 58,000 applications were processed. There was some criticism of Home Affairs Department for the huge backlog and extended waiting time for processing citizenship applications. By the end of FY 2017-18, 245,000 citizenship applications were waiting for an outcome. Also presently the maximum waiting time is 22 months. The reason was a national security concern and presence of many complex cases.

A Task Force

Moreover, now there is a task force to deal with complex cases. Also, there is recruitment and training of extra staff with an investment of $9 million. This measure will ensure that all citizenship applications are treated in an efficient manner. The Lindt Café siege has forced Australia to introduce additional integrity measures to verify the identity and character of applicants for citizenship. The Immigration Minister said the processing of all applications will continue as per the measures introduced in 2015. The citizenship of the country is a great privilege. Only the persons who support its values, and respect its laws should get it. We bring the latest facts reports and trends before the people. you can contact us for relevant details.

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