Denmark green card Scheme

Denmark green card Scheme
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Immigration to Denmark is the best option that gives you an opportunity to reside in peaceful and happiest place. One who wishes to migrate to Denmark can enjoy many benefits including quality living standards, cool working conditions, good transportation facility and excellent career opportunities. If you wish to migrate to Denmark, you need to hold a visa that suits your requirements. The Danish government has designed so many schemes to encourage skilled professionals to immigrate. Out of all these schemes, Denmark green card is the most popular option amongst potential immigrants. However, you need to abide by the visa norms and procedures to enter the country successfully.

Denmark green card scheme:

Denmark green card is a permanent residence visa that permits you to reside and find work in the country. It follows a points based system wherein applicants are required to score points based on certain factors such as age, educational qualification, work experience, adaptability, and language proficiency.

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Our Services:

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14 thoughts on “Denmark green card Scheme

    1. I think, as per the new Denmark immigration rules, which came into force on 1 January 2015, the validity period of Denmark Green card is two years. If individuals want to reside for more periods they can extend their Denmark Green card.

  1. What are the minimum points that an overseas skilled worker to score in points test to immigrate effortlessly to Denmark under the green card scheme of the country?

    1. Minimum points that an overseas skilled applicant is asked to score to reside and work in Denmark without any constraints is 100. Points are allotted based on the credentials that he or she possesses.

    1. The basic credentials that are taken into consideration while allotting points in test of Danish green card • Educational level
      • Language skills
      • Work experience
      • Adaptability
      • Age

    1. The following are the different types of work permits to work in Denmark
      • The positive list
      • The pay limit
      • Corporate scheme and
      • Denmark green card