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The United Kingdom, commonly known as Britain is a sovereign state in Europe, being the 22nd most populous country in the world. The UK consists of basically four countries- England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The country is known for its historical background which dates back to the Victorian times. The UK has a temperate climate, with rainfall almost all throughout the year. It boasts of having the sixth-largest economy in the world. The UK has been a very advanced country in terms of technology aspects. It was home to many great scientists like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, James Clerk Maxwell and most recently among them, Stephen Hawking.

The above factors coupled with the outstanding tourist destinations in the UK are reason enough for visitors to visit the UK every year in innumerable numbers. Some of these tourist delights are the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and many oAll Poststher places. In order to travel to the UK to visit these wonderful places, you need to have a visitor visa. Apply for the same with the aid of MoreVisas consultancy.

UK Visitor visa

You can apply for UK Visitor visa if:-

• You want to visit the UK for leisure purpose • You belong to a place outside the European Economic Area or EEA or Switzerland • You’re visiting family or friends who live in the UK but are not permanent residents

It is advisable to apply for the UK visitor visa three months prior to the date of your travel to the country. Once you get the visa, you can stay in the UK for a period of six months with a General Visitor visa. You can study in the UK for a period of 30 days so long as the main reason for your visit to the country is not to study.

Eligibility requirements

You need to fulfill the following conditions while applying for a UK Visitor visa:-

  • Age should be 18 years or above
  • Should be able to support yourself during your entire stay
  • Must be able to pay for your onward and return journeys

Documents you should provide

You will need to furnish the following documents at the time of applying for a visa:-

  •  Current valid passport
  •  Two passport size color photographs
  •  Evidence that you can financially support yourself during the stay by providing bank statements or   pay slips for the last six months
  •  Details of your stay and travel plan

Why opt for MoreVisas?

The experts at MoreVisas consultancy help you in getting the visa processed for different countries as they are well-versed with the immigration procedures. They offer best solutions in minimum time and at affordable costs. Come to us today so that you get benefitted by obtaining a UK Visitor visa to your dream destination, while we earn a good name for ourselves with yet another success story!

If you want to apply, please fill out our Enquiry Formso that one of our visa experts will get back to you.

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