A New Problem Arising from Migrating to the UK from India

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has dashed the hopes of thousands of Indians who wished for a more liberal system of visa for those who want to undertake the UK migration from India. The prime minister spoke on her way to her first bilateral trade meeting in Delhi where she argued that Britain already had the ability to attract the best from regions outside the European Union. She justified this by saying that the number of work visas issued to India was more than those granted to Australia, the United States, and China combined. These comments are, however, disappointing to many in the Indian government who have been agitating for more of their highly skilled workers to be given visas to six months in the UK as well as other European nations.

The increased freedom demand for the Indian workers settling abroad was a key issue in the trade negotiations with the European Union. Others such as Vince Cable hold the opinion that May’s refusal to liberalization efforts was a major stumbling block to the trade talks between India and the EU. On her part, the prime minister hoped that her three-day visit to India would open opportunities for future business arrangements in the face of the impending Brexit. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in his speech, gave hints of his desire for young people to have the ability to travel abroad for studies. This was as a result of the stricter rules imposed by Britain on the length of stay by graduates which has led to a significant reduction in the number of Indian students undertaking the UK migration from India.

In her speech, May emphasized on the need for an open relationship with India which would allow India to be the first visa nation to be placed on a registered traveler plan that allows the speeding up of visitors experience in British airports. Nonetheless, she appreciated the fact that collaborative efforts in working together translated to success for both parties. She promised that her government would offer a select group of high-net-worth Indians exclusive access to a bespoke visa known as the Great Club. The purpose of this permit is to provide these individuals and their family members with a personal account manager who would help them secure visas faster. Nevertheless, this offer by May falls short of the pilot set up in China which lowered the price of tourist visas that last for two years by half.

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