A Few Interesting Facts about Moving to the US

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  3. Few Interesting Facts about moving to the US

Throughout the world, there are many countries that people will tell you they love to live in, but the USA is without a doubt one of those that people flock to.

But why?

There are enough reasons to fill a book many times over, but I will give you just a few.

The number of legal immigrants that have made their way to the US number in the millions within the past decade alone, and yet have made up less than ten percent of the actual population. While some might think that this points to the fact that the USA is a bit tough when it comes to immigrating, more often than not it means that those that are currently residing in America are a second or third generation or older.

Those that immigrated in earlier years and have become naturalized citizens, often send for their families at one point or another and as a result, add to the immigration numbers. ,

America is about many things, but adding to its considerable numbers is one of the main things that make the country so great. The view of Ellis Island, forever an iconic depiction of what America means to the world, is and has been a grand statement of accepting immigrants into the country.

The USA has been accepting immigrants into its borders since its inception, creating a culturally diverse nation that has come to accept and promote the need for everyone to practice their own religion and culture.

The only issues that arise are those that come when people of differing cultures fail to understand or accept one another, and this is rare despite the media presence that surrounds such incidents. America is far more accepting in its ways and recognizes the need of the individual and the group to express themselves in ways that are both comfortable and necessary.

Personal freedom is a common staple of America and one that is greatly defended.

The pride that Americans take in their country is so great that they will gladly defend the right of those within their borders to practice their own religion without fail.

When immigrating to America, one will indeed have to adhere to certain rules and regulations, but when it comes to what you believe, what you practice, and how you act as an individual in your own time, America is where you can be confident that you will be accepted for who you are.

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